Publication date: November 15, 2018

2 essential tips for a successful B2B marketing campaign

The business-to-business (B2B) buying process in technical industries is less about emotion, and much more about logic and return on investment. Nevertheless, you’re still dealing with individuals who have their own wants, needs and challenges. Research, historical data and knowledge about your audience are all massively important in B2B marketing and will help you to create a solid strategy for your marketing campaign.

Know your target group

How often do you receive promotional messages in your inbox or LinkedIn timeline that fail to match your interests or requirements? Marketeers often blast their messages to large target groups, without really knowing if those people are even interested and, if they are, what they actually want to hear. To stand out from the crowd and really make an impact, you need to have a deep understanding of your target group and their needs. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What are their major tasks and goals?
  • What are they struggling with?
  • What would make them hesitant to buy?
  • Which role do they have in the decision-making unit (DMU)?
  • Where do they source their information?

But how can you get to know your target group so thoroughly? First, it would be wise to start with your existing customers. Gather information from your sales team, launch a survey or just ask them directly by phone or email. Another smart method is to monitor the latest trends through online communities like LinkedIn groups or forums. Some examples that we have used ourselves are:

Additionally, detailed analysis of statistics such as demographics, keywords and online behaviour will be very useful. Keep asking yourself who the people in your target group are, which information they need, how they find that information and what type of message would fit that profile?

Know your product

Having worked in the smart engineering industry for many years, we have seen a lot of common mistakes that are easily made by marketeers or general marketing agencies who lack a real understanding of the subject matter. Often, they are focused on metrics like impressions, click-through rates and cost per click. These are all important metrics, of course, but they are worthless if the context or targeting is incorrect. For instance, we’ve seen a hydrographic survey company, when working together with a small marketing agency, targeting a group of people that were actually interested in the art of ‘hydro dipping’ or water transfer printing, which is also known as ‘hydrographics’!

And if you’re a supplier of UAS systems for mapping, you probably want to save yourself the time, energy and money of targeting hobbyists who are only interested in buying a drone so they can film from the sky.

How Factrics can help:

At Factrics, we distinguish ourselves from general marketing agencies through our extensive knowledge and experience of the technical B2B industry. Thanks to many years of expertise acquired at parent company Geomares, at Factrics we have a deep understanding of our customers and the market and can provide unique insights into the needs and behaviour of your target group! No more endless briefings about keywords, themes, products or target groups, but straight-to-the-point digital campaigns based on facts and knowledge.

Happy to help!

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