Publication date: September 24, 2018

Branding and lead generation through tailored content [CUSTOMER STORY]

Teledyne CARIS has been a developer of software for the hydrographic, ocean mapping and wider geospatial community for over 35 years. The advanced software from CARIS is used worldwide in very diverse application areas and by a wide variety of companies. In order to illustrate the real benefits and possibilities of its software, CARIS was looking for a partner to create content about the applications of the software and to promote the content to a relevant audience. The main targets of the campaign were to contribute to the branding of the CARIS software through informative articles and to generate high-quality leads among the people who were reading the articles.

Target group Hydrographic professionals
Solution Sponsored Content
Methods Content Creation, Sponsored Articles, Lead Generation
Amount of pageviews 6836
Average reading time Between 3 and 4 minutes



Creating content that matters

1. Content creation
The first step in this campaign was to create high-quality articles which illustrated the benefits and possibilities of the CARIS software applications in an informative tone of voice. For each article we started by determining the subject and finding the right contact person on site, which was done by CARIS. The articles were written by skilled writers from Geomares’ network of editors and content specialists, in combination with one or more contact people on site. The article was submitted to CARIS for correction and approval before being finalised.

2. Reaching a relevant audience
In view of the hydrographic nature of the campaign, Hydro International was the ideal channel for publication and promotion. To find the right audience for CARIS, we promoted the articles multiple times through the Hydro International website, newsletter and social media channels.

3. Lead generation
Besides promotion, another aim was to generate high-quality leads via the articles. We devised multiple solutions for this, such as prompting readers to provide their email address for more information after they had been reading for a few minutes and/or at the end of the article.

While active promotion has been stopped, the articles still generate more than 50 views per month!

Leadgeneration teledyne caris Leadgeneration pop-up

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