Publication date: March 14, 2019

How to find new employees via social media

Vacancies are very difficult to fill at the moment. Finding good new employees is a crime. Eurostat calculated that at the end of 2018 there were close 4 million vacancies in the European Union (incl. the United Kingdom). The number is probably already higher, because new jobs are being added every quarter. Unfilled vacancies are very annoying for companies, firstly the work that needs to be done is not done (or that is picked up by other employees with all the consequences that entails). Unfilled vacancies are an even bigger hurdle for companies that want to grow. They impede that growth.

Especially in the technical sector, the need for skilled co-workers is high. There is a considerable mismatch between what job seekers currently offer and the skills that technical companies are looking for with new employees. All help in finding new people - especially in technology - is therefore welcome! Because it is clear to anyone looking for new colleagues or employees that simply posting a vacancy in the Saturday newspaper or on one of the well-known vacancy websites often no longer works. But what then? At Factrics we see many opportunities to recruit new people who are actively and passively looking via social media. Read further what we can do for you.

The power of social media

Just watch a nice job in your timeline on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on Saturday morning, with a cup of coffee. You can just do that. Our own Foppe Hoekstra also got his new position as a marketing advisor at Products4Engineers and Factrics. Just scroll a little on Saturday morning and it came across, in this case on Instagram; his dream job. This practical example shows that social media is gradually becoming a good alternative to post a vacancy for job vacancy websites or the newspaper. We are almost all on LinkedIn. Many companies have a company page on that platform, distribute company news via Twitter or post photos on Instagram. A Facebook page is also no longer unusual for companies. The great power of social media is of course in the easy forwarding, liking and linking. With social media, you not only use your own network or that of the platform, but you also use the countless networks and networks of users who see your vacancy coming up. The range is therefore almost unlimited.

What can we do for you?

We think along with you about the message, tone of voice and which channel fits. We have an extensive database, with which we guarantee you a large reach. We know who has previously indicated that they are looking for vacancies, so we can very effectively "advertise" among thousands of active and passive job seekers via email, all social media channels, Google and the Google Partner Network. We tweak the message and target group during the campaign, so that we have and keep optimum reach and exposure. In short, we optimally use your budget. We will of course keep you informed of all the statistics of your campaign. Ask Foppe Hoekstra, marketing advisor at Products4Engineers and Factrics about all possibilities. As you know by now, Foppe has also found his job via social media! Foppe can be reached via [email protected] or call +31 514 726 068.

Happy to help!

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