Publication date: December 16, 2019

New Factrics collegue: Bert van Riesen

Get acquainted, five questions for Bert. Why Factrics? What are you going to do? Why the technical B2B sector? What did you do before you came to Factrics? And what are your future plans?

Why did you decide to join Factrics?
The answer is simple: the DNA of Factrics is a good fit with what I do – fact-based digital marketing. Besides that, the target group of technical B2B companies appeals to me; I have lots of B2B experience and I would definitely describe myself as a B2B marketer.

What will you be doing at Factrics?
In a nutshell, I’ll be helping customers to extend their reach, improve their findability and generate more leads. Factrics excels in terms of the online services it offers – we’re good in online content, SEO/SEA, conversion optimization and CRM – but that all really revolves around increasing findability and the number of leads. In that context, my role is to help customers with their online strategy and – in conjunction with our team of specialists – ensure that they achieve online growth.

Why has Factrics chosen to focus on the technical B2B sector? Why is that so different?
We know this sector well because we’re part of Products4Engineers, so we understand the online purchasing process for technical products. In fact, the purchasing process often starts with us at

We’ve also spotted a couple of structural shifts in the technical supply chain: buying organizations are playing an ever-bigger role in the purchasing process, and in the B2B market the internet is the starting point for more than 70% of product searches. This is significantly influencing the sales & marketing approach of manufacturers and resellers in the technical sector. We help our customers to ensure they can be found online by developing a strong online marketing presence so they are prepared for the changing market.

B2B companies and B2B entrepreneurs face specific challenges. For example, we’ve noticed that a lot of companies are affected by the changing B2B marketing-related issues but don’t always have access to a complete marketing department, and some don’t even have a marketing specialist on board at all. Whereas B2C companies often have a whole marketing team of specialists, in B2B companies one or just a handful of marketers have to do everything. In that case, we help by becoming an extension of the company – and sometimes we’re literally a remote online marketing department based on the specialized online marketing knowledge within Factrics. We’re regularly asked to boost the marketing capacity by providing ‘an extra pair of hands’. We call it ‘Marketing as a Service’; the customer gains a marketing department, albeit externally. The service can start from just two hours a week. For customers, it means that they can have access to marketing specialists without needing to actually employ one. Moreover, it’s really easy to scale up the level of support if necessary.

What did you do before joining Factrics?
I’ve spent the past nine years working as an interim digital marketer for various companies, including Crossphase, ANWB, Informa, the Dutch chamber of commerce, Total, the Dutch tax office and SDU. So in fact I was doing pretty much the same thing, only in-house as a team manager or project manager rather than externally. But I’ve always been responsible for optimizing digital marketing. 

What are the main plans for the next few months?
To find a suitable location, which I’m really excited about. I live in The Hague and we’re currently looking for somewhere to open the second Factrics office. Besides that, for the next few weeks my diary is full of appointments to meet customers and introduce myself and Factrics to companies that are keen to discover what we can do for them.

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