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Search engine optimisation

"89% of B2B customers begin their buying process with a search engine"

Search engine optimisation (SEO) focuses on increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website/landing pages through organic search engine results. Often, we see that technical B2B companies do not know how to optimise their website for search engines. Or if they do, their strategy is not always focused on what really matters: driving revenue!

To learn more about SEO, this article by Moz is a great place to start:


A solid SEO strategy starts with solid analysis of your company. What are your goals? What are you offering? Why are you better than your competitors? Who is your target group?

Website analysis

We will conduct a full check of your current website, divided into three parts: technical requirements, keywords and competitors.

Technical requirements
Is your website indexed well? Are you easy to find? Is your website well arranged?

Which keywords currently perform well? Which keywords do your target group use when they search for your products or services? Are you using the right keywords?

How are your competitors performing? Which keywords are they using? What is the top-ranking content?


Based on the profile and analysis, we provide you with strategic advice including practical tips and tricks to increase the quantity and quality of your organic traffic to drive revenue!

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