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Strategy & advice
Strategy & advice

Strategy & advice

The digital B2B marketing landscape is one with many possibilities, and is still evolving on a daily basis. No doubt a big part of your marketing strategy is already digital, but keeping up with the latest trends and tricks can be very hard and time consuming. The ‘boring’ reputation of the technical industry and the difficulty of showing all opportunities and capabilities that your company offers can also be a real challenge. A clear digital strategy can help you get the right focus and plan a series of actions throughout the year that are going to help towards achieving your goals!

With years of experience in technical branches like geomatics and hydrography we’ve developed our own way of creating digital marketing plans. And by continuously analysing industry websites and content, we have the knowledge to never have to start from scratch.


A solid digital strategy starts by analysing your business and the market you’re in. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities and threats does your market contain? Who are your competitors? Who is your target group and what are their needs?


The way you will be positioning your company is key in the success of your digital marketing plan. What are your Unique Selling Points? What will be the focus of your message? Which communication strategy fits your audience? Which KPIs will you be focusing on?


The final step to a solid digital marketing plan will be determining the tactics to reach your goals. Which sources are available? What communication channels will you be using? What content are you going to produce? And with what frequency?

Every company and industry is different from each other, which is why digital marketing plans will always be tailor-made without using a standard format. We can also help you to monitor, evaluate and adjust your strategy.

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Become a Professional Marketing Organization: Do the Marketingscan now!