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Tracking & monitoring

"Marketers that calculate ROI are 1.6 times more likely to receive higher budgets"

By gaining more insight into your online performance, your marketing team can make better decisions about key issues like ‘which tools to use’, ‘how to optimise conversions on the website’, ‘what type of content to use’ and more.

Through our tracking and monitoring services, we provide independent advice about your online performance.

Where to start?

To obtain greater insight into your online performance, we will start by analysing the tools you are using. If necessary, we will help you to set conversion goals and other KPIs. Based on your strategy and goals, we can also advise you on and/or install new tools that will help you achieve your goals better and faster.


We provide you with a dedicated report on a regular basis. Every report contains an overview of the action taken using which channels and tools, and the results of this action. We can also include a comparison with the previous months so you can measure performance over time. Moreover, we can provide practical tips and tricks to improve performance for each of the channels used.

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Become a Professional Marketing Organization: Do the Marketingscan now!